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Get It in Writing! Dale Chihuly Copyright Case Reveals Pitfalls of Oral Agreements

If the three rules of real estate are location, location, location, the three rules of copyright protection should be: get it in writing, get it in writing, get it in writing.  A recent copyright case against the famed glass sculptor Dale Chihuly illustrates the pitfalls of failing to document the relationship of parties creating copyrightable works.  For decades Chihuly has created enormous glass...

Be the Master of Your Domain

A new client recently engaged our firm to handle an increasingly common problem:  someone had registered a domain name that was almost identical to the client’s own website.  The only difference between the client’s domain and the fake site was an “S” in the domain name, making it plural rather than singular.  The imposter site used the name of the client’s business and featured...

Michael Steger On the RGG EDU Podcast

Michael Steger appears with Joe Naylor, the CEO of ImageRights International, to discuss copyright issues in photography, on Season 5 of the RGG EDU Podcast: RGG EDU Podcast Season 5 During this podcast Mr. Naylor and Mr. Steger discuss the requirements for registering copyrights, best practices for protecting copyrights and how to pursue infringers.  Use Code SEASON5 for a discount on any RGG EDU tutorial through...

Trump, Trademarks and Transactions: Considerations for Asset Sales

When he is sworn in on January 20th, Donald Trump will become the first American president to have owned trademark registrations while in office. (Quick quiz: Who was the only U.S. President to have a patent while in office? Answer at the end of the post). Trademark Office records show that he has personally owned 90 trademark registrations, most of which include the Trump name. This unprecedented situation —...

The Sky Did Not Fall: The Supreme Court Invalidated Online Retransmission of Broadcast Television in American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo, Inc.

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