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Is Pearl Jam the Last Great Rock Band?

“The waiting drove me mad/You’re finally here and I’m a mess” Behind a pounding beat and thrashing guitars Pearl Jam recently opened the final night of their spring U.S. Tour at Madison Square Garden with “Corduroy” from their third album. From my seat in the middle of the floor I could barely hear Eddie Vedder sing the opening verse because Pearl Jam’s devoted fans were...

The Sky Did Not Fall: The Supreme Court Invalidated Online Retransmission of Broadcast Television in American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo, Inc.

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Court Rules “Black Swan” Interns Must Be Paid; Certifies Class Action

For decades, the entertainment, media and fashion industries have relied heavily on unpaid interns to handle mundane daily work that supports the core business efforts. In exchange for some long weeks of making deliveries, fetching coffee, filing and other menial tasks, the interns walk away with industry contacts, impressive resumes and possibly college credit. The television productions, magazines and design...

What Keith Richards Taught Me About Business

I recently read Keith Richards’ memoir, “Life.” It’s a rambling, insightful, frequently hilarious and often outrageous telling of the tale of the Rolling Stones’ lead guitarist and musical bedrock. The Stones have long been one of my favorite artists, and reading the book inspired me to break out my old Stones’ concert tapes and to watch “Hail Hail Rock and Roll” the...

Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll — Advice for Young Musicians

Like many entertainment attorneys, I sometimes work with young musicians and their bands, providing legal services and counseling as they start their careers. Over the years, I have received numerous calls that start this way: “Hi, I just finished this great CD and I want you to get me a record deal.” “OK, when was the last time you played live.” “Uhh, well I recorded the CD in my...

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