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The firm maintains a robust business and corporate law practice focusing on business entity formation, contracts and general business law. Mr. Steger has helped set up or restructure dozens of businesses, from startups to multimillion dollar consumer products companies. He frequently acts as the chief business lawyer or outside general counsel for his clients, advising them on corporate, intellectual property, employment and other legal matters.

Mr. Steger has formed numerous businesses, including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, including holding companies, entities set up for entertainment projects or to hold intellectual property rights, and loan-out corporations for entertainers and authors. The firm’s work includes filing the necessary documents with the secretary of state or corporations department, drafting corporate bylaws, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and operating agreements for limited liability companies; filing registrations and reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission and state authorities; and conducting board of directors and shareholder meetings.

As part of his business practice, Mr. Steger prepares a wide range of contracts and other documents for his clients, such as business contracts, non-disclosure and noncompete agreements, investment contracts, director and advisor agreements, and employment contracts. He has also advised clients on structuring investment vehicles for entertainment and intellectual property projects. Mr. Steger’s business clients cover a wide range of industries including entertainment, cosmetics, new media, advertising, public relations, and food and beverage.

Mr. Steger also has experience forming and advising non-for-profit corporations.

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