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Trademark Basics for Beginners


Trademark Office Not High on Marijuana Trademarks

The rapid growth of the legal marijuana and cannabis industries has created a wide range of opportunities and challenges for lawyers advising clients developing businesses in that space. From challenges shipping products to land use issues to the inability to use traditional banks, cannabis entrepreneurs and their attorneys have had to invent creative solutions to problems that most businesses never face. The...

Be the Master of Your Domain

A new client recently engaged our firm to handle an increasingly common problem:  someone had registered a domain name that was almost identical to the client’s own website.  The only difference between the client’s domain and the fake site was an “S” in the domain name, making it plural rather than singular.  The imposter site used the name of the client’s business and featured...

Foreign Trademarks Must Be Registered in the U.S. to Be Enforceable Here

Unlike copyrights or patents, trademarks operate under a country-by-country legal regime.  The legal force of a registered trademark evaporates when crossing a border to a nation where it is not registered.  Without a registration in a country, a foreign trademark owner generally has no effective rights in that country, except for weaker common law rights that derive from actual trademark use. While European...

Beware of Trademark “Registration” Scams

As a trademark attorney, my clients often contact me about some solicitation that the client received in the mail, suggesting that they pay a hefty sum to have their trademark registered on some for-profit trademark list.  These entities have lofty sounding names like the Patent and Trademark Institute, Intellectual Property Register Services, ITR, World Trademark Registry and Trademark Compliance Center, but they...

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